Introducing APY.Vision Pro NFT Subscriptions

In this post we explain the new NFT option for APY.Vision Pro membership that allows for a new way to get access to our pro features without having to use the VISION token.

Hi LPs, we have some cool news to announce. We have heard from dozens of you that you rather pay for a subscription to unlock the APY.Vision Pro version than to acquire VISION tokens to unlock access to the PRO members — and we listened!

Here at, we are always looking for innovation solutions to help drive the DeFi space forward, just like our forefathers did with AMMs and bonding curves other cool web3 technologies. One thing that was always floated around was the question of how we can leverage NFTs outside of the popular use cases like collectibles and Cryptokitties.

After seconds of intense deliberation, the team came up with an innovation solution to marry the concept of NFTs with premium subscriptions at

APY.Vision NFT – How it works

The concept is quite simple — as long as you own and hold the limited edition (only 10 available in the first batch) NFT, you will unlock access to the PRO edition of with an unlimited amount of tracking unlocked for you. In the first batch of NFTs minted, each NFT represents a pro membership that will be activated until Dec 31, 2021 (roughly 13 months from now).

Benefits of the APY.Vision PRO NFT membership

Below are the benefits to going PRO:

  • Total APYs and Profits with Farming *
  • Real Time Market Price Quotes (vs. Delayed Market Price Quotes for Free Members)
  • Expedited Query Speeds
  • View Historical Profit/Loss History *
  • Remembering Address History
  • Search Multiple Wallet Addresses at Once *
  • Advanced Search Criteria for Pools
  • Pool Watch List with Historical Returns
  • Dark Mode Switch
  • Daily Summary Emails/Alerts *
  • View Outstanding LP Tokens Sent to Contracts *
  • Additional AMMs (VALUE, SakeSwap, Pancake, DODO, HoneySwap) *
  • Vote on New Features
  • Special Gold Members only Discord channel

* Features Coming Soon

Please keep in mind that the NFT access is only for private and personal use and it’s meant for only one user. Commercial access is not granted by holding the membership NFT (please contact us if you are a project and would like to collaborate).

Each Pro NFT will cost 6 ETH and you can purchase one now on Rarible!

By buying one of these limited edition NFTs, you are supporting us and our work — the whole team at appreciate any help with making sure we build the best tools for Liquidity Providers like yourself!

Please note the contract address for the NFT collectible: 0x5ab81e38b14faa61a699af1bccd1fe5ecab20fae. Do not send funds to any other address that claims to be selling PRO membership NFTS. If you have any questions or concerns about the NFTs, please contact an admin first in our Discord server (

Rarible Collectible sale page:

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