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Community Call #4


Don't miss out on this month's Community call! Feburary 10th, 2:00 PM (EST) / 7:00 PM (UTC) Join us as we will be talking about News, Updates & taking community members questions With: The APYvision team On discord-

In The Zone with JC (Technical Analysis)


Want to learn how to maximize your DeFi Liquidity while learning TA? (Technical Analysis) Check out “In The Zone” with JC a technical analysis segment focused on entering and exiting positions while taking advantage of liquidity providing. The self-proclaimed technical tactician will be using $10k USD in real money and showing his positions while explaining fundamentals and explaining his market moves in real-time. Follow along and enjoy JC's journey navigating through the ups and downs of decentralized finance as he uses fundamental technical analysis to outline & maximize his LP position. As always free to join, free to watch, and…