Aavegotchi Raffle 5 “UP ONLY” Surprise Bonus Revealed!

Hey Frens!

With Aavegotchi being the world’s first DeFi x NFT project, it should come as little surprise that APY Vision and Aavegotchi have come together to make this awesome “Up Only” wearable set. Apy.Vision helps users find the most profitable liquidity pools, calculate performance, and track yield farming rewards in one place. We’re Free so you can try us out anytime 😊. We were super enthusiastic in helping to design our wearable and decided that we have to add an extra bonus perk to our wearables which we are not going to reveal 😄

Aavegotchis that have Fully equipped all of the “Up Only” items on their Aavegotchi will receive 3 Months (Until Jan 1st, 2022) of Apy.Vision PRO Membership!💹

To use PRO Membership:

-You must have your Aavegotchi fully Outfitted with all of the “Up Only” wearables

-Your decked out Aavegotchi must be in the wallet where you want to use your PRO Member Features

About Apy.Vision PRO benefits:

  • Wallet history
  • Expedited query speeds
  • Realtime market prices
  • Average entry prices
  • Basic Pool searches
  • Farming rewards
  • Extended pool analytics
  • New liquidity pools
  • Top pools (7/30 days)
  • LP vs Holding scenarios
  • Extended protocol support
  • and more…

More about our PRO Membership:
🔗 https://blog.apy.vision/apy-vision-pro/
🔗 https://apy.vision/pro-plans