New Dashboard User Interface

We are happy to announce we have been working very hard on giving our dashboard a new streamlined look! In this post we will go over how the new dashboard works and explain the metrics that are displayed. 

As DeFi matures and tackles more than just liquidity providing we are moving to a structure where we view positions in two main parts. The first part of a position is the capital itself. The capital provided is now an asset that can change in value and needs to be tracked. Many assets in DeFi can be put to work to generate yield. This yield can be thought of as a dividend from a stock or interest payments. For example an LP token is your asset and that asset can be staked in a farming contract to earn farming rewards. Those farming rewards are the income or yield that the asset, the LP token, is generating. 

So in the image below you can think of the first three metrics of the USDC/ETH position as Capital or Asset metrics. Capital provided, Asset gains and Capital market value show what your asset started at, gains/losses in value and what its value is now. These first 3 metrics are not affected by the yield generated by the asset. 

The same goes for the summary versions of those values that appear at the very top of your dashboard. The top three values summarize all of your positions but still don’t factor in yield generated by your assets. Therefore, at any moment you have immediate access to how much your assets are worth. 


After the main asset metrics you have your Position rewards and the Position ROI. These metrics factor in the yield generated by your asset. Position rewards is the sum of your pending rewards plus your collected rewards less any transaction costs incurred. There is some thought in the crypto tax community that this yield is taxable as income and is not dependent on a sale of those assets. That is part of the reason we find it valuable to isolate that yield on our platform. 

Position ROI will net your Asset gains and your Position rewards to give you a total picture of your gain or loss of the position as a whole. It includes the change in value of the asset and the yield the asset has generated. 

Some users also like to see the sum of the Capital market value and the Position rewards. That sum is the Total market value which is at the far right of each position. The key thing to remember there is that value includes any reward information we have and we valued your rewards at the time of collection. Pending rewards are valued at current prices. 

Uniswap V3

We applied all the same logic to our Uniswap v3 dashboard display. All trade fees are part of the position income and those are used in combination with the change in capital value to give you your position ROI. 


There are some key differences to keep in mind between vaults and your standard LP token staked in a farm. For vaults, your asset is doing the farming and compounding for you courtesy of the vault smart contracts. Therefore, the income is constantly rolled back into the asset so we don’t show that as income we show that as Vault gains and that number is included in your Capital market value. So unless the vault token is staked and earning additional rewards from the vault protocol like Pickle does sometimes, you won’t see position rewards related to your vault positions. Your Position ROI will be the same as the difference between your Capital provided and your Capital market value, less transaction costs. 

Collected rewards supports collected rewards for most of the AMMs we cover on Ethereum, Polygon and some of the Fantom AMMs. If you have collected rewards on a position but is not displaying those collected rewards it may mean we don’t yet support collected rewards on that chain/AMM combination. If you are staked in a farm and we are not showing the pending rewards we may be able to get that added. If you go into the view details area of your position and then the menu in the top right corner of the view details module there is an option to submit missing farming rewards. Submit that form and we can look to get your pending rewards added. 


We are always looking for feedback from our community so please feel free to get in touch with us by any of the means mentioned below. 

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