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At we like to help our community learn and grow their skills to help guide them through the crypto markets. As such, we are starting a new educational series that goes over the basics of using technical techniques to assist in liquidity providing. 

“In The Zone” with JC is a weekly technical analysis segment focused on entering and exiting positions while taking advantage of liquidity providing. The self proclaimed technical tactician, will be using $10k USD in real money and showing his positions in real time during this segment streamed via Discord in the theatre.

Come watch as JC uses fundamental technical analysis to outline positions & maximize his LP position. Feel free to follow along and enjoy his journey as he navigates through the ups and downs of decentralized finance. Just remember this is not financial advice!

We will be running “In The Zone” every Tuesday at 7:00 PM UTC so stay tuned on the theatre on discord. As always as always it’s free to join, free to watch and free to learn.

Vision 2K members will have exclusive access to JC after every segment for questions and answers and will get access to any off segment trading movements.

Watch JC’s previous presentation going over Technical Analysis basics here.

Check out the first episode of “In The Zone” filmed November 18th here.

JC’s Background

JC is a full-time equities trader who’s been trading since 2007. After completing his Bachelors of Arts, John continued his studies and found his passion in the equities market. As a graduate of an equities trading school in the US, he learned trading principles from former market makers, pit traders, and asset managers. The program allowed him to travel to the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE), where he learned who the various “players” in the game of trading are and the different investment objectives each investor has. 

This has given him a well-rounded perspective of the markets, and the ability to read price action and conduct a thorough market analysis. John currently trades in the stock, options, futures, forex, and cryptocurrency markets. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching soccer, reading self-development books, and skiing with his family.

Again, tune in every Tuesday 7:00PM UTC on our discord to catch the latest episode!

APY.Vision does not give investment advice and always insists that you do your own research. Read our full Legal Disclaimer.

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