Announcing Aura support

After lots of hard work, we are excited to announce that now tracks all the sources of yield in the Aura ecosystem. The AuraBAL, Boosted Pools and Aura Locker will have historical data available! 

About Aura

Aura Finance is a protocol built on top of the Balancer (BAL) system to provide maximum incentives to BAL liquidity providers and BAL stakers (into veBAL) through social aggregation of BAL deposits and Aura’s native token.

For BAL stakers, Aura provides a seamless onboarding process to veBAL, by creating a tokenized wrapper token called auraBAL that represents the 80/20 BPT locked up for the maximum time in VotingEscrow. This can be staked to receive existing rewards (BAL and bbaUSD revenue) from Balancer, in addition to Aura system revenue in the form of BAL, and additional AURA. Users can trade their auraBAL back to BAL at any time.

For Liquidity providers, Aura abstracts the complexity of depositing into the Balancer gauge system, providing a smooth onboarding process to all Balancer gauge deposits. Aura allows depositors to achieve a high boost through the protocol owned veBAL while also accumulating additional AURA rewards.

The AURA token itself acts as a governance and incentivisation tool within the ecosystem. Locked Aura tokens are mapped to protocol controlled auraBAL (veBAL) and the Aura token governs where that vote weight is allocated. The Aura ecosystem continues to grow as more veBAL is captured providing greater voting power and greater potential value accrual to Aura token holders actively participating in protocol governance. 

Tracking your Aura positions on

First time users – Enter the app and connect your wallet by clicking the box highlighted above. On mobile/tablets click on the search icon and copy their address into the popup. Aura is a fantastic new protocol but comes with complexity and requires historical analytics to be aware of everything that is happening with your position. has key features that can surface this information. 

As an Aura user, after you load your wallet and get to the dashboard view, you will see a summary of your various Aura positions as pictured below.


Boosted Balancer Pools

Aura Locker for incentives

All of the sources of yield in the Aura system are now tracked on the dashboard to easily see historical performance for a given position! 

Take it to the next level – go Pro!

All users can track the basic details of their Aura position with our free version. Check out our Pro plan offerings to find out how you can get real-time data!

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