APY.vision and CoinGecko NFT Giveaway

If you have been in crypto for a while you would know that CoinGecko is a must-use source for fundamental analysis of the crypto market. They are one of the go-to websites for market data such as tracking price, volume, and market capitalization as well as community growth, open-source code development, major events, and on-chain metrics. Which is why the team at Apy.Vision is super excited to partner up for a Coin Gecko candy PROmotion 🍬🍭 🦎

Stand a chance to win exclusive CoinGecko X APY.Vision themed NFTs

12 Lucky Winners stand a chance to win exclusive CoinGecko & APY.Vision NFTs which will unlock a 1 year PRO subscription to APY.Vision (valued at $3000 USD).

In addition, 238 winners will win an NFT that unlocks 3 months of PRO access (valued at $750 USD)

To be eligible you have to:

  • Purchase CoinGecko Candy Code Voucher
  • Enter your Candy Voucher Code in the input field
  • Enter your Candy Voucher Code in the input field
  • Follow CoinGecko on Twitter 
  • Follow APY.vision on Twitter
  • Join APY.vision on Discord
  • Retweet This Tweet

    Participants will require an Ethereum compatible wallet address (non Exchange address). In the case of you winning, this would help for NFT distribution & login purposes.

Enter now to be one of the few lucky winners who will receive this amazing prize!

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