APY.Vision First Year Anniversary

APY.Vision celebrates one year of operation on August 18th, 2021. We wanted to share what an exciting year we have had with our community with this anniversary post and highlight some of the progress we have made in delivering tools to make navigating the ever changing world of decentralized finance easier for new users. 

When APY.Vision started in “Defi Summer”  (August 18, 2020), the only protocol we supported was Uniswap on the Ethereum chain. In the last year, we have added support for 11 more DEX’s and embraced a multi-chain strategy by adding support for 3 additional chains; Polygon, Fantom and Binance Smart Chain to increase the total number of users we can assist with liquidity pool tracking. We went from tracking our own wallets for personal use to now tracking over 45,000 wallets for our users with a combined portfolio value of over $5 billion dollars. In addition, we launched V2 of our app to incorporate multi wallets and multi chains and added tools to enable research opportunities for liquidity providers on the platform.

We love to find ways to engage and reward our community for being a part of our exploration of DeFi. To this end, we created a program for “APY.Vision Ambassadors” where some of our prominent community members work with the team to help evangelize liquidity providing and assist with promotion and community management. We also have created multiple ways for members of our community to earn prizes and rewards via liquidity mining programs, a bug bounty program, contests, raffles, lotteries and various other giveaways. We love our strong and vibrant community and are always looking for ways we can give back as we recognize we would be nowhere without our users!

Recently we’ve been featured in several media pieces, most notably the “Crypto Capital” newsletter, produced by Stansberry Research which gave a detailed analysis of our operation to their audience of DeFi investors. This summer we also released the “Liquidity Review”, a custom report with a collection of broad analytic measures that highlight the growth in decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools throughout the year. We also produce helpful user guides for DeFi newcomers to help educate them on how to provide liquidity and the basics of many of the projects we support.

With a generous grant from the Uniswap Grants Program we built an application called “LP Royale”, which provides a risk free liquidity pool simulator game where in the first season 600 players competed. Uniswap themed prizes were awarded for the top performers in our initial season. A walkthrough review of the game was featured on The Defiant’s Youtube channel and garnered thousands of views. LP Royale will continue to have more seasons and provide a training ground to help onboard the next 100 million people to decentralized finance, a mission that is a core part of the APY.Vision plan for the future.     

The team has grown from one core developer and a couple of yield farming enthusiasts to a globally diverse, fully remote team of 10 passionate DeFi advocates and engineers. We are a highly collaborative team and we are always looking for new applicants, check here to see open job positions. 

Along with the growth of our team and added features to APY.Vision, we also have expanded our user support system, from the days of going on Discord and hoping a team member see your message, we have now progressed to utilizing full featured support systems where every question is answered and every request is acknowledged. To request a new feature, click on this link.

Development grants 

At APY.Vision we have hands-on experience with some of the latest technology in DeFi. We are always looking for ways we can help the ecosystem and other projects to build the tools or infrastructure the community needs. We are proud to announce that in the first year, we received grants from the following protocols:

(Grant dollar amounts quoted are based on token values at the time of receipt.)

  • Uniswap Grantsawarded a grant for $89,000 to build LP Royale liquidity pool simulator
  • The Graphawarded a grant for $25,000 to develop subgraphs in the curator program 
  • The Graph – awarded another grant of $35,000 to be a mainnet launch partner for the network launch
  • Gitcoin – raised over $50,000 in Gitcoin Round 7+8+9 from the DeFi community
  • Fantom Foundationawarded a $15,000 grant to build support for Fantom chain and two AMM’s, SpiritSwap and SpookySwap
  • Visor Financeawarded a $46,000 grant to build analytics support for Visor’s Uniswap V3 Hypervisor vaults
  • Polygon – awarded a $1,500 grant to support the QuickSwap DEX for the launch of Polygon network
  • Value DeFi – awarded a $5,000 grant to support the Value DeFi platform

Partnerships, collaborations and NFT campaigns

We routinely work with partners to collaborate on ways to help people get interested in DeFi. One way we do that is through educational infographics we have made with help from our partners. We also have done many NFT campaigns where we hold a raffle for trial APY.Vision Pro membership NFT’s for users providing liquidity to specified pools.

Media Mentions

As a team we really like to keep our heads down and work on providing the best user experience possible, but sometimes the spotlight can’t help but to shine on our hard work. Here are some of the media stories which we were a part of recently.

APY.Vision Community Perks and Rewards

Metrics Highlights (as of 8/9/2021) 

  • APY.Vision “VISION” token holders and LP’s – 3,272
  • Total Number of wallets tracked on platform – 44,269
  • Cumulative value of all wallets tracked on platform – $5.4 billion

2021 and Beyond – Roadmap for the Future 

At APY.Vision we are driven to innovate and find new ways to help DeFi users understand their positions and make better decisions.We are constantly working on new and innovative features that will help the DeFi community grow. Here are some of the things we have planned for the future.

  • Uniswap V3 support
  • Curve Support
  • NFT Trial Membership Program
  • Integrations with tax services
  • Creation of an Enterprise API for commercial use
  • Expanded support for Layer 2 solutions
  • Expanded support for Vault projects
  • Expanded support for high TVL DEX’s and Yield Farms

The team would like to say thank you to everyone using the platform for making this first year a great one for DeFi and APY.Vision!