APY.Vision Ambassador Program

Introduction to APY.Vision and the Ambassador Program

APY.Vision is a project started by Liquidity Providers who really needed actionable, insightful tools to accurately track their liquidity pool positions. The project has always been very community-focused, and as a result, we have always tried to involve our community in the project’s growth. We got a lot of support from the community initially, but we want to create something that would allow our community members to contribute in a more significant way.

We believe in DeFi and the democratization of finance

There was a time that market-making was a task left only to accredited investors and large banks. If an average person wanted to participate, they would have to go through several gatekeepers to gain access. The democratization of finance due to Ethereum and DeFi has changed the equation quite a bit, allowing anyone to participate in market making via AMM liquidity providing. We want to create a positive and open community for people trying to enter this new world of DeFi and LPing.

We think that DeFi has the power to give the ordinary person all the same powerful tools and opportunities that a professional investor has. DeFi is recreating the financial system from the ground up in a way that allows anyone to participate. We want to be part of that revolution along with our community.

We want to bring the next 100 million people into the space

Dune analytics

The DeFi world is still relatively small, but as of Feb 2021, there are about 1.4 million users DeFi users out of 7.8 billion people on this planet. That means there is much room to grow larger and to expand the number of users. There is plenty of work to do explaining how decentralized finance and other complicated subjects function. We believe teaching people about how these technologies work is an essential part of helping them grow and succeed financially.

Uniswap and AMM”s created a new breed of investor – “The Liquidity Provider (aka LP)”


When Uniswap launched their AMM that allowed anyone to provide liquidity to swap pools, it opened the floodgates to a new way of running an exchange. Instead of just holding various ERC-20 tokens, a savvy crypto investor could take their crypto holdings and deposit them into liquidity pools to earn passive income on their assets. Finding the most profitable pools and timing entries and exits has become a precious skill in the crypto investing space. We want more people to learn that APY.Vision can help in this process.

Who is APY.Vision Ambassador program for?

  • People who have a desire to become crypto content producers and spend lots of their time on crypto-related social networks (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc)
  • People who are passionate about DeFi and LPing and want to share knowledge with the public
  • Yield farmers who are passionate about the space want to share knowledge about improving profits
  • People who have many friends asking them about DeFi and want to be rewarded for helping them learn

Mechanics of the APY.Vision Ambassador program

To get started as an APY.Vision ambassador, we want you to get familiar with the details of liquidity providing and how our site and our suite of analytics tools work. We will offer guidance on the mechanisms and concepts you should understand via some training missions. We will want you to understand things such as our site’s advanced features and how to interpret the data we provide. We are also looking for people to help us identify bugs on the website to help our developers. We will also help you understand the basics of things like reading an etherscan contract or how impermanent loss works.

The idea behind this learning is that it helps you to explain what we do to new users. There is a high learning curve in DeFi, which we are working to make easier for everyone. Our goal is to give you the skills that would allow you to explain how liquidity providing works to a child. We want you to be able to find new crypto communities and let them know how APY.Vision can help them.

What’s in it for me?

To get started, we will have weekly/monthly/quarterly VISION membership token giveaways in our private channels to reward the best contributors. The details are still being worked out, but in the future, you can expect to find other ways to earn VISION while promoting the future of finance.

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APY.Vision does not give investment advice and always insists that you do your own research. Read our full Legal Disclaimer.