APY.VISION 2020.51 Update

Hi LPs, thank you for catching up on this week’s update from APY.Vision. We will start writing a weekly update on what has been done and what we will be doing for the next week.

Our Mission

We want to build the best analytics and alerting / monitoring tool for Liquidity Providers, a profession that did not exist even just 1 year ago. As we look forward to 2021, advancements in the DeFi space will require additional monitoring / analytics tools to be built.

Notable Accomplishments Last Week

  • We started a few campaigns with Sushiswap and 88MPH to give away limited edition NFTs that will unlock access to the PRO edition of APY.Vision.
  • We wrapped up the Gitcoin Grants donations. We ended up getting over $20k USD — thank you community, for all the generous support. We will be personally thanking each and everyone one of you. The whole team is humbled to be the top team by Match Estimate in the Dapp category and taking the 4th top overall in the Gitcoin Grants round 8 for the most matched.

New Features Added

  • Added current ETH price on the top section
  • Added a new subgraph to track the price of ibETH
  • Added the performance of holding the tokens vs. Net Market Gains
  • Added in the market prices at the time of execute in the transaction history
  • Added the Liquidity Gain per 1k USD as a chart
  • Added pool start date on Advanced Pool Details
  • Added help on the advanced search pool page
  • Added viewing your Exited Pools to see historical performance
Click on Exited Pools to view your history
  • We now support Sushiswap advanced search pool pages!

New Content

We published some new educational content to help the community understand liquidity pools.

Personnel Updates

We recently brought Aaron to the team to help out with outreach and liquidity providing evangelism and education. If you are looking to collaborate with our project, reach out to him on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram!

We are excited to bring Jeremy on board next week as our UX designer. He will be helping us with the Exited History more info page as well as the Season 1 Leaderboard (more details on this next week)!

Our core dev, Tom, has agreed that he has only the best interest of the project, so he’s adjusting his token vesting emission rate to drop by 50% in the first year as a sign of confidence to all community members (the 50% token vesting will move to year 2/3, spread evenly). In exchange for delaying the token vesting, he will be receiving a stipend each month for his full time work on the project.

We are looking for a Front End/Web3 Developer! If you know someone who lives and breathes DeFi and would like to contribute to APY.vision, please let the team know on Discord! https://discord.gg/ePfGAYbqUq

Until next week, LPs!

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